A heart of service

I have developed skills and obtained education and training in multiple disciplines, each service assisting people through life's most emotional, challenging and beautiful moments. Below is a list of my primary services available to you. It would be an incredible honor to assist you.

Certified Real Estate Negotiation Expert

Real Estate Agent 
And Advisor

As a licensed REALTOR with a background in distressed homeowner transactions, I'm exceptionally qualified to assist the homeowner or buyer through a purchase or sale in this complicated market. As a Certified Real Estate Negotiation Expert I can assure you the most favorable conditions available. Having worked and assisted on many hundreds of transactions my high level of experience coupled with my exceptional negotiation and interpersonal relationship skills, I am extremely confident I can offer you true expertise. Let's sit down and consider your options with a convenient, no pressure, no obligation consultation.


Deanna Gomes, CRENE, MRP

North Star Real Estate

Two Time Photographer of the Year

Fine Art Photographer

Prior to my venture into real estate I owned a successful photography studio for many years. 

Iwas recognized by Professional Photographers of Colorado as a Top 10 Photographer for 10 consecutive years, was Photographer of the Year twice and have received numerous awards for distinguished accomplishments in my profession.

My work has been published in multiple magazines and websites and most notably, selected for inclusion in the Professional Photograqphers of America's traveling loan collection consisting of the world's best photography.

I have earned my Photographic Fellowship Degree through Professional Photographers of Colorado and am very proud of my 'Oscars of Photgraphy' awards, one Fuji Masterpiece Award and two Kodak Gallery Awards.

My goal currently with my photography clients is to provide them with art they can frame and display on their walls.

Sessions are preplanned in great detail and all prices and options are fully discussed prior to the photo shoot in order to make the planning and ordering of prints exceptionally simple.

Please reach out for your no cost, no pressure, no obligation portrait consultation appointment.

Connection At Its Best

Certified Life Coach
with a specialization in relationships

Certified in Integrated Attachment Theory, I offer plans to assist the individual or couples in understanding their attachment style, patterned behavior and real world plans to bring immediate solutions to the challenges you may have in your life. We don't work like therapy but rather working with real life habits, behaviors and reactive responses to life's challenges creating working plans to realize quick change. I have a team of therapists to co-work with if needed.


Energy Readings:

I also offer intuitive coaching sessions. Some call it psychic. I am highly, highly intuitive and have access to information through energy that is not typical for the average person. 

I have saved lives, helped hundreds of people through real life crisis, guided career choices and helped bring peace into many releationships.

Please visit the testimonials page for more information from my clients.


End of Life Support

Certified Death Doula
Certified End Of Life Specialist

I started off as a hospice volunteer. As an end of life specialist I assist the families and those at the end of their life either due to aging or illness through the transition into death. 

I provide planning services through the many tasks involved in dealing with and managing a coming death.

Some of my services include:

Written plans

Family healing and reconcilliation 

Purging and organizing belongings

Regularly scheduled welfare checks for independent living clients

Coaching the personal emotional processes of facing death

In hospital or at home companionship to assist where family cannot be present

Bedside vigils

Respite care

Living Funerals

Written plans for the elderly to extend life at home when desired in order to delay home placement

Customizable and flexible patient and family driven plans unique to each client